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Corporate Social Responsibility

Andrew Mendes, Managing Director, Farfan & Mendes Group, (L), greets Ewin Enmore, who manages the Red Cross Convalescent home in D’Urban Backlands, Georgetown.

In keeping with the FML Group’s commitment being a good corporate citizen, Jaguar Oilfield Services’ first CSR effort resulted in the donation of a water filtration system to the Red Cross Children’s Convalescent home, in D’Urban Backlands, Georgetown.

The official handing over of the system took place at the launch of the new company on October 24th, 2018.

Addressing the audience at the launch, Andrew Mendes, Managing Director of the FML Group shared his sentiments on the donation.

“Last but not least, just as we look to benefit from this new industry, we cannot forget our commitments to the local community in ensuring they too can also benefit from the potential of this industry.

We were approached by the Red Cross Children’s Convalescent home, that provides a home for neglected, abandoned or abused children under 5 years old, to fund their purchases of water for the home.

Instead of that, we chose a longer term, more sustainable solution that hinges on one of our core competences, water filtration, to provide both clean and potable water for the whole building to the tune of one million dollars.”