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As part of the launch, Andrew Mendes, managing-director of FML, flanked by officials of Jaguar Oil Field Services, hands over a water-purification system valued over GUY$1M to Ewin Enmore, who manages a convalescent home in D’Urban Backlands, Georgetown.

…Min. Gaskin sees bigger role for private sector in O&G development
THE local private sector has a much greater role than the government to play in the oil and gas sector in ensuring that Guyanese benefit from opportunities and jobs, according to Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin.

The minister was at the time delivering remarks at the official launch of Jaguar Oilfield Services Guyana Inc. on Wednesday, at the company’s office at Farfan and Mendes Limited (FML), Q1 Public Road, Providence, East Bank of Demerara.

He explained that government is not going to create all the jobs that are required to allow Guyanese to benefit from the oil and gas industry; but, it is the private sector that has to take charge. “The government, yes, has a role to play, but I think the role of the private sector is much greater than the government when it comes to ensuring that Guyanese people benefit from employment,” he said.

Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin.

He explained that based on the small size of Guyana’s population, the oil that will be pumped out will inevitably benefit all. “We can moan and groan about what we don’t have and our lack of capacity, but many companies are taking the initiative; are building capacity; are doing things; are getting up and going and making things happen; and that is the way to do it. Some are sitting moaning and groaning, but others are making tremendous progress in getting their business certified, in getting qualified staff, in partnering with companies that have strengths and expertise that they don’t have,” Minister Gaskin said.

Andrew Mendes, managing-director of FML, said a joint venture between his company, Totaltec and ProCom, formed Jaguar Oil Field Services Guyana Inc., which will be a supplier of locally made industrial equipment.

He explained that the formation and collection of experiences between the companies are exactly what the emerging oilfield sector needs; and at the helm of the company is General Manager Jim Stephen, who brings over 40 years of international expertise in the oil and gas sector.

The formation brings to Guyana for the first time an oil company that will not only make heavy-duty supplies for lifting and moving of weighty loads with ropes, chains, and mechanical devices; the company also plans to be a slinging and rigging certifier. It aims to be the leading provider of high-quality industrial equipment and services in Guyana’s oil and gas sector, even as it promotes the development of the sector through the provision of high-quality industrial equipment and value-added services.

The company will have Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association certification for its locally made products, which include wire rope and web slings.

A calibration factory will be established at the company’s Providence facility. The facility, apart from giving comprehensive function-testing and maintenance reports, can undertake pressure-testing using high-accuracy digital gauges and data-logging equipment. Jaguar Oilfield Services boasts that its lift-inspection techniques make use of the latest state-of-the-art technology, using highly trained specialists; and that they are equipped to run tests on general lifting equipment, pedestal and mobile cranes, winches and powered hoists, overhead and travelling and forklift trucks, among many others.

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